I’ve been playing tactical shooters since the days of the early versions of the Counter-Strike mod. They have consistently been some of my favorite games throughout the years. So naturally this included a fair bit of time with the Rainbow Six games. When Rainbow Six Vegas rolled around I found it to be a fun experience overall, but something of a letdown. With the shift to cover based shooting it had become less a swat team simulator and more Gears of War with amplified damage. So when the trailers for Patriots started to come around they didn’t really pique my interest as it seemed that Ubisoft was going to be sticking with the same style. However somewhere around 2014 Patriots was announced to have been scrapped and Siege was announced. The initial gameplay trailer looked promising but I always maintain a several arms length detachment from Ubisoft considering their shady bussiness practices and penchant to release unfinished products that they have demonstrated in the past. However my roommate bought a new graphics card and it happened to come with a copy of Siege so I sat down and watched him play and what I saw was enough to convince me to bite the bullet and purchase a copy. I was not disappointed.R6S_Screenshot_4_196976

Off the bat I think it’s worth mentioning that for a Ubisoft game Siege shipped rather polished. I do remember experiencing a couple of minor glitches but I can’t even recall what they were so they can’t have been particularly big issues. I have heard complaints from some people that it takes too long to find matches but it rarely takes me more than a minute to find a match and when it does it’s usually at some ungodly hour of the night.


The gameplay is also deep and refined. Each match consists of two teams of five players trading rounds defending and attacking an objective. When the round starts the defenders have some time to set up defenses while the attackers scout around the map with little drone cars looking for the objective and scouting the enemy team’s defenses. You can also access your drone’s camera once the match has started meaning if you can find a good place to hide it you can feed your team valuable intel throughout the round.



Each player also selects a class with their own unique loadout and an ability. Some of the abilities for the defenders include electronics jammers, being able to place bulletproof barriers on doors and windows, and deploying a mounted machine gun among others. The attackers have abilities ranging from a sledgehammer that can smash through said bulletproof barriers, EMP grenades that can disable electronic jammers and other electronic equipment and thermite charges that can blow through reinforced walls. Each round often becomes a matter of playing each teams abilities skilfully against the other team’s abilities.


The feature that sets Siege the furthest apart from most tactical shooters is the destructibility of the environment. Walls are very much a temporary safety net in Siege. As such most of the combat in the game becomes a deadly balance of exposing as much of the enemy as possible while staying covered yourself and it makes for a very dynamic experience where no two rounds ever feel exactly the same. It also makes playing on defense a nerve wracking experience when the attackers could come from quite literally almost anywhere.


The art style of the game is a unique choice as well. Instead of going the traditional brown/grey route most shooters of this genre goes Rainbow Six Siege utilizes a deep and rich color pallete. Buidlings look new and fresh instead of dilapidated. Blood is a bright deep red, which serves a dual purpose by making it very obvious when you have hit an enemy, but not killed them. The art style may not be for everyone but I for one loved it. It helped keep things interesting by not making every environment a strain on the eyes to look at and also makes it easier to identify targets against the brighter backgrounds.


One of my few complaints about the game is weapon variety. You basically have two choices. An automatic SBR or PDW or a shotgun. Since I don’t like how the shotguns play I was using an SBR every round. Now this isn’t a huge deal as the rest of the gameplay was more of the focus and it didn’t matter too much to me what weapon I was using but it still would have been nice to see some more weapon variety in order to add even more depth to the experience.


One thing that may be a turn off to other players is the lack of a singleplayer mode. There are “Situations” that are basically tutorials for the multiplayer against AI and Terrorist Hunt mode does make a return but that’s all the game has in terms of singleplayer offerings so if you don’t like multiplayer you should probably skip this game.


Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege is an excellent multiplayer tactical shooter that any fan of the genre should enjoy. The deep gameplay coupled with the dynamic systems ensure that no two matches feel the same.
9Overall Score
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