Far Cry 3 involves you, Jason Brody, on a mission to save your siblings and friends from captivity by a vicious psychopath. It all starts with skydiving, where you all land on an island inhabited by merciless pirates, all led by Vaas, the psycho.


The character development in Far Cry 3 is noticeable and amusing. Jason sounds afraid and disgusted when he escapes from a cage and kills for the first time. As the story develops, he celebrates blowing up cars which shows that the game’s developers really did focus on triggers that would change a character.


Weapons in the game aren’t as important as technique and timing. It’s best to navigate through enemy territory with just your knife and take them all out one at a time, rather than spray your gun and have them all charge at you. This way you conserve medicine and save the trouble of finding ingredients to make more. Sometimes this made the game feel repetitive.


Little diversions help you with your stealth kills. Catching the attention of your enemy by throwing a rock and then approaching him from behind only to jab a knife into his heart is the quietest way to get the mission done. You can also buy upgrades for your weapons, such as the silencer, so that when you get seen, you can pop a bullet into your enemy’s head before he calls other pirates to your location. You have to spend money on those upgrades, though you can always earn it back through looting.


Scattered across the map are radio towers. Once you climb and activate them, you gain more knowledge on what lays on the island. I got lazy after climbing three cell towers. I figured I could just get to my waypoints and hurry up with the storyline. Your advantage with the radio towers is finding plants and cars. Plants help you make medicine and cars provide quick transport at the expense of getting seen by pirates. When waypoints were too far away from me, I would use fast travel. This would save the hassle of travelling for too long until the biggest boredom crash ever.


Multiplayer is great on Far Cry 3. It consists of teamwork, a variety of game modes, and a Macarena dance in the end with the enemy team to show spirit.


In the domination game mode, there are flares indicating territory scattered across the map. Your team must claim them and defend the areas until the end of the game. There’s a bar that determines who is nearing the first place position. I enjoyed this game mode the most because both teams worked together extremely well.


Seen in both single player and multiplayer is great scenery. Far Cry 3 takes place in Thailand on the fictional Rook Islands. The sky blue waters will make your jaw drop. I personally enjoyed driving deep within the rainforest and exploring hallucinogenic mushroom infested caves. Give this game a shot if you’re into action-adventure games.

Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3 is a must get game if you enjoy a chilling storyline, mind-blowing tropical views and characters with whom you feel apart of.
9.2Overall Score
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    I played Far Cry 3 for only a little bit (my system was intimidated by the required GPU power) but it looked quite cool based on what I did see. Was a huge fan of the original Far Cry, too.