Estranged: Act I begins with an intriguing scene of how you, a fisherman who survives a shipwreck during a storm set foot upon a mysterious island. I expected this island to have a plain setting involving a forest with a few sheds, but the map proved me wrong. Not only is there an ocean and trees, but there’s a sewage, warehouse and testing and research facility.


This free to play game uses the same engine Half-Life 2 uses, but manages to strengthen lighting to a large extent. Some of the characters even come from Half-Life 2 and are given completely different identities.


This isn’t a simple “follow-the-route” game either. To progress through the map, there are times you must twist valves, find keys, keycards and use container cranes to smash open gates. I remember having a blast with picking up small objects, throwing them around and stacking them, which is very crucial to get from point A to point B.


I thought this was going to be another zombie game until I was tied up in a chair by some island inhabitants. Little did I know that they would also be the bad guys… This is what set Estranged: Act I apart from other zombie survival games. I hope though that the difficulty of this game can be increased if the player doesn’t feel challenged. Zombies were way too easy to kill.


In a game like this, music is a must. Without music, it wouldn’t intensify my fear of unexpected surprise by zombies. When I killed some island inhabitants in a warehouse, the music playing pumped me up with adrenaline. Turning a corner and seeing an enemy shooting at me actually scared me due to the great use of sound. It’s too bad though that music wasn’t used in some parts of the game when it would’ve made great use. I would’ve loved to hear some eerie orchestral music playing when exploring the island and sewers.


I thought the game was too short, but then again, this is only Act I. If something like this comes free, I recommend you go try it out.

Estranged: Act I
This isn't your every day indie/zombie game.
8.7Overall Score
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