We are giving away 18 Games and 3 Gaming Mice, Absolutely Free

Here at GameStakers, we like to do stuff for our community. If you’re reading this, you are part of our community. The generosity of many of the creative bright people we interview and their companies have allowed us to give away a ton of games to you guys.

First and foremost, we want to thank…

  • Martijn Zandvliet for 1 key for Volo Airsport.
  • Mike Jaret-Schachter and Vince Desi from Running With Scissors for 5 copies for POSTAL 1 & 2, both games per key.
  • Ronan Coiffec from OSome Studio for 1 key for White Night.
  • Pete Bottomley from White Paper Games for 1 key for Ether One.
  • Aranda Morrison from Gnomic Studios for 1 key for Square Heroes.
  • Tim Spekler from Farsky Interactive for 1 key for FarSky.
  • Will Sterling from Lavaboots Studios for 1 key for Salt.
  • Jarosław Zieliński from Destructive Creations for 1 key for Hatred.
  • Niklas Swanberg from Apostrophe for 1 key for Sylvio.
  • Benjamin Claeys from Crazy Monkey Studios for 5 keys for Guns, Gore & Cannoli.

Please take time to reach out to these awesome folks on social media and thank them for building such great games, and also for letting us give some away!

How to make more giveaways like this happen…

We want to do many many more of these… the only way that is going to happen is if the folks who donated games can see some return. Share this giveaway on social media, send it to your friends, get the word out there. There are quite a few games to give out. In fact, if you use your special link to share this out, you actually get ADDITIONAL entries. The more you share, the better your chances of getting something!


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I'm Andrew, a Russian-Canadian dude living in Switzerland. I enjoy playing video games (obviously :P) and writing. I speak English, Russian, German, and I'm learning Spanish. My first console was either the GameCube or the Xbox. Both of them are terrific, but now I'm more of a PC gamer. I don't have a favorite game, but I spent over 2500 hours playing Garry's Mod and almost my entire childhood playing TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.