What was your inspiration for making Postal 2?

Mall gun war in POSTAL

The original POSTAL created such a controversy that we really wanted POSTAL to be appreciated for what it is a Game. I dont give a shit about the politics or controversy. It took awhile and it was a major undertaking but clearly worth it. POSTAL 2 gave us the chance to make the Postal Dude a more personal character, a chance for players to appreciate the essence of what its all about.

How did you develop the storyline for Postal 2?

A map of Paradise, AZ in POSTAL 2

We built on where the original POSTAL ended, and it was important to keep the simplicity of the basis of the story. So we came up with the idea of having the Postal Dude/player make his way through a series of chores/challenges. “Get Milk” c’mon can’t get more basic than that. Life is simple, people make it complex, and I’m a firm believer that people are their own worst enemy. Not the Postal Dude, he just wants to be left alone.

How were Postal 2 features planned among Running With Scissors developers?

Burning people in POSTAL 2

RWS is very different that your typical developer, indy or corporate sponsored. To begin with we try our best to design what we would like ourselves, and we never think in terms of what others are doing, or trying to imitate or copy someone elses success. Of course each of us has different responsibilities but when it comes to design we start with a completely blank slate. I personally think in terms of real life experiences, and the most absurd the better, art always imitates real life and in art we can expand on what actually was or could be.

Do you think Postal 3 lives up to the standard Postal 2 set?

Shooting a rhino-cow hybrid in POSTAL III

POSTAL III as it was released is a disaster. It is very different than what we designed. The worst thing is that it wasn’t ready for release so even though it has a lot of good points most players will never come to realize it.

What had to be taken into consideration when promoting a Postal game?

"Will you sign my petition?" POSTAL 2 task

When we first release the original POSTAL we had no money for marketing. We simply spread the word ourselves via the net, and then the shit got crazy with all the negative attention. The only thing I’ve always insisted on is not to pitch it to kids. Unfortunately the game media is corrupt just like all other media. Over the years always maintained our position re protecting kids, as for the general promotion of new content and games its simple. We just say it like it really is.

What is contemplated in order to make a game consistently vibrant?

POSTAL 2 Demon

Focus. Design with specific goals in mind. Know your audience and always think NEW.

Do you think communication between developers and fans is important?


Are you fuckin kiddin me? We live for our fans. I’ve answered thousands of emails over the years, its the best part of my job.


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  • DivideByZero

    Postal 2 was everything every other game did not have the balls to be. The bad boy in the room, guaranteed to offend your parents in at least three different ways per minute of gameplay. It’s a shame Postal 3 did not live up to its hype. Vince, if you make a fourth game and it rocks as much as the second, I will buy two copies.