What was your inspiration for making Gone with the Demon?

Gone with the Demon hallways and knife

I love action games like Ninja Gaiden or D&D Shadow over Mystara. I also love the sense of immersion that the first-person genre gives. I thought that a good combination of these two would produce interesting results. Of course, first-person action games have been released once in a while, but I wanted to emphasize melee combat in depth, such as combat in Chinese martial arts movies or combat using various melee weapons. Also, I wanted to make combats more in depth than the hack & slash genre so that players can use experience and strategy.

Can you tell me more about the mysterious passages and rooms? Where is the player?

Gone with the Demon enemy at the door

Demons in this game are mysterious, unknown creatures that live deep underground and have existed since ancient times. For a long time, Demons have kidnapped people for unknown reasons, and the families of the kidnapped have made underground passages in order to find the missing people and the Demons. The player enters this structure to find his wife and gradually goes deeper and deeper underground.

What kind of strategies would the player use if they only have fists, and the enemy a melee weapon?

Gone with the Demon grabbing weapon off enemy

It is very difficult to defeat enemies with only fists if the player lacks experience and the character is underleveled. Thus, the player must go for the enemy’s weak point carefully. The player can counterattack to decrease the damage done by the enemy’s attack or backstab while avoiding big attacks from the enemy. Items that increase the efficiency of Defense and Stamina will be a big help. However, no matter what weapon you use, it is important to understand the enemy’s characteristics and attack pattern and correspond to these traits.

Are the enemies based off the character’s fears? What’s the story behind the way they look?

Gone with the Demon enemies with bats

Workers, managers and mercenaries were added in order to establish underground facilities while heading for the Demons’ base. Once the Demons discovered these facilities, they invaded them. Some Demons possess and control humans. The human-type enemies appearing in the game trailer are people possessed by Demons.

With Essence collected from demons, which character abilities can be enhanced? Can you give me an example of how they will determine the character’s personality?

Gone with the Demon using essence to level up

There are Vitality, Endurance, Strength, Dexterity and Agility stats. If you invest in Endurance, the character withstands enemy attacks easier, and if you invest in Agility you gain an advantage in dodging and movement speed. Strength and Dexterity influence the type of weapons available and their power. If you use heavy weapons like the sledgehammer, investing in Strength is more efficient than investing in Dexterity.

As seen in the Announcement Trailer, the demons are huge. How can the player defeat them with just a melee weapon?

In this game various Demons have different sizes and appearances. The enormous enemy appearing in the end of the game trailer is a Demon boss. Basically, you can attack the boss by hitting its feet with melee weapons. However, the boss has powerful attack skills, so you must dodge these attacks efficiently and not miss your chance to attack the boss.


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