Tell me about your studio and how it has grown from the last time that we spoke?


Dinosaur Polo Club is still tiny. Still just the two of us full-time, with Jamie Churchman (@gromange) working a handful of hours a week on the graphic design. We’re tentatively talking about hiring to help port and add features more quickly—the money’s probably there now that Mini Metro is providing a relatively stable income, but we’re not sure about the added risk. An extra programmer / UX designer would be great, but between us we also have a real lack of business development and production experience.

How was the reception from the community on Steam?


Absolutely fantastic, so much better than we expected. Mini Metro is so minimalist and seemingly casual that we were fully expecting a ‘close the floodgates!’ type response and a middling user score, but that hasn’t happened at all. It’s great reading the reviews, players seem to genuinely enjoy the game. We’re less active on the forums now that the Early Access period is over, most of what we do is technical support rather than game design discussions.

Any updates that we should look forward to as a community?


We’ve been saying that we’d love to work on a map editor and Steam workshop support, but right now we’re primarily focussed on the mobile release. We are making significant performance improvements on the mobile branch, as well as a handful of gameplay changes, which we’ll be rolling back to the desktop build when we can. We’ve actually just released the first such improvement onto Steam, which switches the audio compression we use from Vorbis to FLAC. We had to make that change to speed up audio decompression on older iPhones.

Tell us about the mobile app and when we expect it to be out for us to play?

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 6.52.05 PM

It’s proving to be a tricky thing to develop. The main aspect we’re working on is the usability on a smartphone (in comparison, getting it playable on a tablet was trivial). There are a number of changes we’re making to the in-game interface and how you interact with the game; the line and asset UI will be completely different on phones vs. tablet and desktop for instance. Jamie’s drawn up concepts for the stations and lines scaling up as the city zooms out which I have to find time to implement. We think it’s going to end up playing really well, even on the smaller screens. Honestly I thought the screen on a 5s was massive until we tried to fit Mini Metro onto it! As for release date … all I want to say is ‘early 2016’. We’ve zoomed by so many expected mobile release dates with nothing to show, so I’m skeptical of giving out another. We’re definitely on the home stretch however. Now that the gamma6 desktop update has gone out, we’ll all be working exclusively on mobile until it’s out the door.

What is the plan for the future of Mini Metro and for Dinosaur Polo Club?

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 6.55.09 PM

We’ve talked about the future a lot. We’re still not sure what we’re going to do long-term, post mobile release and once we’re happy with Mini Metro’s feature-set. A lot hinges on how well the iOS and Android builds go.

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