What was your inspiration for making Wrath of Anna?

Wrath of Anna steam punk ship

I grew up playing Doom, Goldeneye 64, Perfect Dark, Counter-Strike and all the first person shooter greats. I played the original Counter-Strike at the highest competitive level and first person shooters have really become a part of who I am. I’m also highly intrigued by all things steampunk, post apocalyptic and modern. I’m a huge Final Fantasy VII fan. There is something deeply nostalgic and unique about the environments and story in FFVII. I’m also proud that both the FFVII remake and Wrath of Anna both utilize Unreal Engine 4.

How different to Earth is the planet Drumgore? How does the player get from one planet to the other?

Wrath of Anna forrest

Earth is in a post apocalyptic state, having suffered an initial round of attacks from the Allegiance of Anna. There are some hints of steampunk technology spreading over Earth. There is still a healthy amount of vegetation and trees on Earth. Drumgore is much more steampunk based, with many factories and very little nature. Normally, a player travels from one planet to another by instancing into a spacecraft. However, for our initial early access release on Steam, we are focusing on competitive play and we are going to have players choose directly from a menu what map and planet they’d like to play on.

Is Anna, dictator of Drumgore, played by a player or a CPU? Can you give me an example of the kind of information the Natives would find in a case to get closer to Anna?

Wrath of Anna aiming

Anna is played by a CPU. The most valuable thing the Natives can find in a case is a map stating Anna’s most recent location or where she plans to attack next.

Does the Allegiance of Anna have different weapons compared to the Natives? Can you please give me an example?

Wrath of Anna jungle structure

Yes, the Allegiance have more technological and financial resources than the Natives and will have more available steampunk style weapons. The Natives are a militia with less expensive weapons. For example, the Natives use AK47s and glocks by default, whereas the Allegiance use gear based steampunk weapons as well as sleek, high end modern weapons.

The Natives have to find Anna and kill her. What does the Allegiance of Anna have to do to the Natives to win?

Wrath of Anna aiming at each other

The Natives win the round by opening a case or by eliminating all members of the Allegiance. They don’t kill Anna until they are in a different game mode. The Allegiance must plant one case at each site and defend them from being opened to win the round. If the round timer expires without a case being opened and at least one member of the Allegiance is still alive, then the Allegiance wins that round.

Where do you see your game and studio in one year?

Wrath of Anna cave

I see the game being played competitively internationally and continuing to raise the standards for first person shooters. My studio will be expanding the WoA franchise and related games continuously. Thanks for your interest and I’m looking forward to speaking with you more!


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I'm a 26 year old graduate from The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles, currently living in Los Angeles. I have a deep passion for competitive gaming. I am professionally trained in digital cinema and arts; however, my main focus is game development.

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