What was your inspiration for making Highway to Hell?

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First of all, I’m making this game with my friend Sanefuzi, developer as well, therefore, we both have different inspirations that will serve as a base of certain way to the game. My personal inspiration for creating this game is GTA (steal cars and kill people ;D) and my friend’s inspiration is Driver 2 from Playstation One. Highway To Hell will be a mixture of both.

Can you tell me about some of the unconventional ways to make money in Highway to Hell?

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The player can choose missions seen from the point of view of the society ethically right (for example: work driving a garbage truck), or choose missions that goes against the laws and human rights (for example: be the getaway driver for a bank robbery). And basically this will define the subsequent missions that you will receive, the missions will have a certain kind of evolution, according to your “ethically correct missions”, you will receive more different “ethically correct missions”, regardless of how much you did progress, it will still be possible to choose the dark side of the thing at any moment, but the level of the missions that you will receive will be according the its genre progression.

Summing up everything, you will receive subsequent missions of different genres, but it will be possible to change/choose the genre progression at anytime and you will begin from the principle of that genre or the last mission that you stopped in that genre.

Will the missions in Highway to Hell follow a certain story or will they all be random? If the missions will follow a story, will the story be based around gangs and the mafia?

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They will be based on the players choice according to the kind of missions that he or she did and they will not be based on Mafia and/or gangs, so yes they will be random.

What is the most challenging aspect of development for Highway to Hell?

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I think one of the biggest challenges is to create a game inspired by another great games but yet with a different aspect and content.

Tell me more about the multiplayer.

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The multiplayer is one of things that we don’t have pretty well planned. Our idea is to create a simple multiplayer allowing people to create rooms to the maximum of 8 players each room and make some different modes for the player to choose to play like, Capture The Flag, PvP Deathmatch and some CO-OP Missions.

Note that all these modes will be based on car combat.

What are some of the fun places to visit in the world of Highway to Hell?

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Well I think that there are no specific fun places to visit, it will depend because each person has a different taste, some will like to search the open world for Easter Eggs, some will like visit the girls in the Strip Club ;).


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