What was your inspiration for making Plasma Puncher?

Plasma Puncher menu screen

In one occasion,  a devastating flu got me real bad and I kept imagining: “Man, my immunologic system is really getting owned! If only there was a Chuck Norris-like white cell over there to take care of things!” Regarding gameplay and aesthetics, some key influences were Rayman Origins/Legends, Guardian Heroes (an old favorite from Sega SATURN), Super Crate Box and the more recent Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

How does the player adapt to new waves of enemies?

Plasma Puncher upgrades

The player must be careful to learn and become familiarized with the behavior of the different enemies, or he´ll get his ass kicked really fast haha! As these enemies get different mixes and numbers on each wave, the player must play smart… it´s definitely not a case where you can just start punching everything carelessly, unless you got an awesome Power-Up, in which case you can create some devastation pretty easily.

The upgrade system also plays a big part in keeping you on top of the game. The order in which you chose to upgrade the white blood cell can make a difference.

Was there a challenge in getting the right difficulty for each consecutive wave of enemies? How did you find the right balance?

Plasma Puncher fighting microorganisms

I´m still working on it, actually! And it´s being tricky indeed. It´s very difficult to measure how challenging each wave is when you´re so familiar with the game. That´s when playtests become essential. I discovered very quickly that what I considered pretty easy was actually a solid challenge for new players. And so adjustments are constantly being made as the game is tested and new things are being implemented to it.

Is Plasma Puncher replayable after the player destroys the bacteria’s core? If so, what is different about the second time the player goes through the game?

Plasma Puncher fighting more microorganisms

Well, the player can always try a harder difficulty (there are 3 planned) to beat, as well as getting the achievements or just trying to get better results. As the game has a little randomness to the equation, the matches won´t play always exactly the same.

A 2-player local mode is also being seriously considered, which will extend the fun even more!

What do you find most enjoyable about the development of Plasma Puncher?

Plasma Puncher happy characters

Seeing all your creations and ideas coming together as a cohesive gameplay experience. It´s really satisfying when you start controlling the character that you created and start smashing other characters that you also created!

Where do you see Plasma Puncher in one year?

Plasma Puncher charging up

Being played by everybody all over the world and giving me tons of money (there´s no harm in dreaming!)


About Eder

A Brazilian currently living in Toronto, Canada, I've been working professionally with 3D Animation for quite some time. A couple of years ago I decided to also dedicate myself with making some indie games, where I could vent some of my creative aspirations! Plasma Puncher is my first try at a commercial release.

About The Author

Andrew Ehrensperger

I'm Andrew, a Russian-Canadian dude living in Switzerland. I enjoy playing video games (obviously :P) and writing. I speak English, Russian, German, and I'm learning Spanish. My first console was either the GameCube or the Xbox. Both of them are terrific, but now I'm more of a PC gamer. I don't have a favorite game, but I spent over 2500 hours playing Garry's Mod and almost my entire childhood playing TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

  • Been following this game for a while now, there is seriously so much to love here. The super strong, distinct character design, flawless cartoony animation style, everything is just so gorgeous! Seriously can’t wait to give it a play! 😀