What was your inspiration for making Mad Snowboarding?

Mad Snowboarding wolf

I love to skateboard and to snowboard. I have already made a skateboarding game, so I thought it’s time for a snowboarding game.

Are there challenges the player can complete in this open world game? Which ones?

Mad Snowboarding split screen

The main challenge is to explore the level and to find the finish (which is tough in some community levels). The secondary challenge is to make the perfect run full of dangerous tricks without any fault. If you fall, then you have to restart the whole level.

To what extent can the player alter the open world with the built-in level editor? Can the player change the terrain?

Mad Snowboarding level editor

All built-in levels of Mad Snowboarding were created with the built-in level editor. The player can do everything, create a terrain, shape it, paint textures on it, place objects or create new objects from primitive elements like cubes and spheres.

In order to give the game some form of challenge, what did you do to challenge the player?

Mad Snowboarding stunt

The players can compete for high scores. These are calculated for the last 24 hours, 7 days, a month and there are also all time high scores. In addition, replays and ghosts of those high scores can be watched. Thus allows to find the perfect line through the level and to improve it.

Which character in Mad Snowboarding is your favorite? Why? Which character was the most difficult to model?

Mad Snowboarding monkey riding a banana

My favorite character is the banana riding monkey, because he impersonates the ‘Mad’ of Mad Snowboarding and because it was the request of my wife to add a monkey. All models of Mad Snowboarding are bought. The difficult task was to create all the snowboarding animations for all the characters.

What are some of Freebord-Game’s future plans? Will you keep adding content to Mad Snowboarding?

Mad Snowboarding approaching a ramp

Right now I’m working on my Unity Asset Store products, like the Multiplatform Runtime Level Editor (MRLE). The MRLE allows other developers to add a level editor like the one of Mad Snowboarding to their games within a few hours. For Mad Snowboarding I plan to add penguins which try to hug you and werewolfs which try to bite you on your way down the mountains.


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My name is Denis Lapiner, I create games since 2006. I have worked for 5 years at Limbic Entertainment a game development company in Germany. The biggest game, that I had the chance to work on, was Might&Magic X Legacy produced at Limbic Entertainment for Ubisoft.

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