How long have you been making games?

Planet Nomads animals and structure

Craneballs was started 9 years ago by three friends, the team was growing with every game released, until we reached twenty team members in 2012, a number on which we stayed to this day.

Where did the idea to make a space sandbox come from?

Planet Nomads tank and base

From our founding fathers, our Art Director is a hard sci-fi fan, Arthur C. Clarke caliber, our Creative Director is all about the old Minis and other machinery and our CEO knew right away how to put the two together in a meaningful way. Then the whole team chipped in and while chiseling our ideas through time we arrived at today’s form of Planet Nomads.

Are you surprised with the reception of the backers on Kickstarter?

Planet Nomads outback

Reactions to our December reveal trailer and TOP #5 Best Upcoming Indie award signaled we were in for a treat, still, the first 5 days on Kickstarter has been a blast.

How big is the team that you are working with to create this game?

Planet Nomads beautiful desert

There’s currently 10 of us working on Planet Nomads full-time with the occasional help from others.

Could you see that team grow over time to create more content for your players?

Planet Nomads huge craft in the desert

Oh, absolutely. It all depends on the Kickstarter results, but we’re ready to put five more people from the current Craneballs team on the project and hire additional talents if need be. Our office can easily accommodate ten new people right away.

Are you going to allow modders to make their own additions to the game?

Planet Nomads forest and planet

After reading all the comments, modding is now a definite must for Planet Nomads. It will be added into the game no matter what.

When should we expect this game to come out if it is backed?

Planet Nomads alien field

In about a year, people could see Planet Nomads on Steam Early Access, but if they want to test the experience sooner, they can back at Alpha Nomad tear and help us with balancing as early as this summer.


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Daniel Maslovsky is the community and marketing manager at Craneballs studio.

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