What is Cranks & goggles and when did you come up with the idea?


I was doodling a vintage race car during a break. I showed it to my racing game enthusiast friend and said “would be nice if there was a racing game with these simple graphics, don’t you think?” And he said ” yes”

Where did the art style come from?


The game’s art style comes from 1920’s “Art Deco” which is very difficult to master so we have used just a glimpse of it.

What is the basic idea of the game?


Cranks Goggles is a top down racing game set in late 1920’s. It was not a top down game in the beginning by the way. We want it to be a short and fun, slightly more difficult than an arcade racing game with customisable cute cars (we think they are cute) and different environments.

How do you want the community to react when the game comes out?


What we want to achieve with this game was to build a small community that would appreciate our efforts, like our game and have a little fun, maybe keep it in their collection too.. That would be more than satisfying for us.

What is your studio and when can we see the finished produced of the game?


We always wanted to make our own games, but never got serious. We are two 37 y/o designers with no game design experience but that did not scare us because life is short so we decided to make it just for the sake of it. Our company is called “Play Native” and this is going to be (hopefully) our first game ever.

Guilherme Barbosa (our Unity developer from Brazil) is responsible for building our game, rest is up to us (art, level design, sounds…etc) So basically, we are a team of 3 and we have been working on this game for 7 months know.

Hopefully, our first release will be in March 2016




About The Author

Hey everyone my name is Charles. I am a English boy who lives in Switzerland and likes to play video games. I also enjoy making podcasts and videos. I speak England and German and I am going to learn Spanish in the near future. My first experience with a video game was Doom on my dads computer and then a PlayStation 2 (the legend.) I play on consoles and PC's but I enjoy PC's better. I am a big fan of the age of empire series and I also like Indie Games. I play anything and everything and enjoy the gaming industry as a whole.