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We want GameStakers to offer you the best experience around when it comes to game reviews and interviews.

To achieve this we set two rules:

1 · No spammy ads on GameStakers

To keep the site clean and the experience streamlined, we won’t show spammy ads

2 · Unbiased, high quality reviews only

We won’t accept money from game publishers to improve the score of their games.

We adopted these two rules because we believe in doing good for the gaming community, but as a result we had to find other ways to keep the site alive and running.

This is where you come in. With your help, we can survive and grow even bigger! There are many ways to contribute to GameStakers. Please have a look below!

Rate Games and Share Reviews

If you like (or despise) a game, let us know. Just a simple click on “Like it” or “Nope” helps us find games to review that we think the community will enjoy! Don’t see a review of one of your favorite games? Let us know or even write the review yourself to let the community know about it. Sharing a review on Facebook, Twitter or other social media also helps us grow and do more awesome stuff for the community.

Write a Review

GameStakers is an open community. We actively encourage our users to contribute through writing reviews and partaking in game rating and commenting. With an account, a user can submit their reviews that go through a trusted editorial process. Once that is done, the user’s unique review is for the public. The guidelines are simple, we would much rather have a review that is to the point, rather than repetitive. Quality over quantity is a prioritized focus of ours.

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