How it all started

The idea of GameStakers came to be in the summer of 2012. After two years of planning and discussion, Andrew Ehrensperger worked with Gabriele Cirulli and now works together with Jared Short to serve gamers the ultimate review/interview experience.

Why we are different

The first thing noticeable about GameStakers is its clean and minimalistic look. By doing this, user-friendliness is established. We pledge to avoid spammy ads or plastering paid for product plugs in every open space on the page.

We don’t have separate reviews for the same game just because it’s available on multiple platforms. If there’s something very different for the same game but on different consoles, it would be mentioned on the one review page to get rid of the complication of multiple reviews for one game.

You guessed it! We have one review per game. If multiple users have thought on one game, they can contribute to the community rating of the game and comment their opinion on the page. A close community is very important to us. We are happy when you contribute to GameStakers!

To write a review for a game, no rank is necessary, just an account which is free! Once the review is submitted, it is checked to make sure quality is present and then it is made public.

The future

GameStakers is striving to achieve a contributive community where everybody takes on the job to write reviews and have thousands of people read them. We want to be a portal for gamers interested in opinions, ratings, what insiders of the gaming industry have to say. Not only that, but we want to use our experience and community to build innovative tools for gamers to organize themselves, find and stay in touch with teams, and create a better overall gaming experience.